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Chapter 22: Getting Rebirthed

If you are ready to take the step to actually get Rebirthed, congratulations, because now is the time to acknowledge yourself for your dedication to your life purpose. You will soon be much closer to knowing that purpose, if there was any doubt.

Choosing To Rebirth

There are several things to consider when you decide to start Rebirthing:

  • Are you comfortable with your potential Rebirther? It may take a little while to decide if you are uncomfortable because you are getting ready to face some things you may have been avoiding for a while, or if you really don't like the person. Continue the search if there are problems or unease about the Rebirther.
  • A Rebirther is a guide for an amazing inner journey. Ask them about Rebirthing and why they feel it is of value. If you don't hear answers that are pretty compelling, keep looking. From the Rebirther's point of view, the simple question "What is Rebirthing?" is often one of the hardest to answer, even after years of explanations and experience. However, the good ones will come up with replies that hold promise for growth. Keep looking until you hear and feel this kind of response.
  • Sometimes money is a concern. If it is, look for someone who can make comfortable arrangements. This doesn't mean trying to pay little or nothing. The issue may be a willingness to make a commitment by investing in oneself and the process.
  • Talk to other clients of a potential Rebirther. They should be able to give some positive feedback.
  • Make a commitment to do the initial series of ten sessions with a male Rebirther and ten sessions with a female Rebirther. This consistency is important for the learning process, lays a strong foundation for later work, and helps quickly heal male/female issues.
  • Don't rush the process. Take the time it requires to integrate what is changing in a gentle way. The inner changes happening will cause profound shifts in awareness, self-perception, and the quality of life in general. All this can only happen as fast as it does. The desire to make it happen faster is urgency, caused by a fear of not doing enough or getting enough, which is part of the healing. Stay relaxed.

A part of the rapid inner change occurring when working with Rebirthing is sometimes an urgency to make outer changes. It is generally best to not make major life decisions while in the middle of a series of Rebirthings. In the same way that certain ideas in the middle of a session look quite different at the end of the session, actions that look appropriate in the middle of a series sometimes turn out to be hasty and misinformed. Ending a relationship while in the middle of a series might be part of an old behavior pattern. Wait until all the information is in, which is usually how a clearer and healthier decision can be reached.

Rebirthing Self

It is a good idea to practice different ways of Rebirthing. This improves one's sense of security, safety, and self-reliance. It can also make it easier and more fun to Rebirth.

One ultimate goal of Rebirthing is the ability to Rebirth self. This powerful tool is one of the few that can also be self-administered when needed. There are several positive benefits to this.

  • The ability to Rebirth oneself avoids the possibility of becoming too attached to a Rebirther. It also allows the freedom to experience relaxation and healing at any time day or night, without disturbing anyone else.
  • The result of taking more care of oneself is an increased inner strength, and usually a happier existence.

The recommended frequency of sessions is the same as for guided sessions. Weekly or bi-weekly is a good rhythm. It seems impossible to over-breathe; it is conceivable to Rebirth as many as three or four times a day, if necessary to get relaxed again. Any amount of conscious connected breathing done will make a difference. Breathing to completion is not necessary to experience some stress and tension relief, though completion and integration is certainly recommended.

Rebirthing While Active

It is possible to Rebirth anywhere at almost any time:

  • At work
  • Preparing to do a presentation in front of people. Breathing before being in front of an audience is an excellent way to calm the usual jitters.
  • Driving a car (don't go unconscious or get tetany so bad you can't steer the car)
  • In bed at night
  • Anywhere and anytime there is discomfort or less than loving, contented thoughts.

Sometimes doing conscious connected breathing around other people confuses them. In particular, the big sighs that surface periodically while breathing may sound like exasperation to others. People not aware of Rebirthing only seem to sigh like that when suppressing uncomfortable feelings. It is okay to explain to them you're just letting go of tension in your body, and encourage them to do the same. Everyone will feel better in this little "micro-session".

Those who have Rebirthed are aware this is the moment in a session when formerly uncomfortable feelings actually integrate in the body. After some experience, the sighs may come up at any moment during the day, whether doing Rebirthing or not. This is a signal the body has cleared out some discomfort, and there may be noticeably more relaxation when it happens.

Group Rebirthing

Group rebirthings are a way to save money and still get Rebirthed. As a Rebirther, it is a way to work with a number of people at once. The energy in a room full of people who are Rebirthing is definitely heightened, and often adds much energy to each person's session.

It works best to have a combination of individual and group Rebirths. Ten individual sessions with one Rebirther- combined with intermittent group sessions- is recommended. After ten, a clearer understanding emerges of the process, how it works, what effects it has, and how to use it. In our opinion, group sessions on their own, without the private sessions, are better than nothing. However, without the experiences of individual sessions, group work can be confusing.

The Rebirther for a crowd of people simply does not have time to attend each person as fully as he or she can in an individual session. Generally this is not a problem. It just means moments are missed when a word or gesture from the Rebirther might make a difference for the Rebirthee. Group Rebirthing sessions work, and they are done all the time. The important point is to understand the difference from individual sessions.

Advanced Rebirthing Techniques

It is recommended these techniques be used after one is comfortable with the Rebirthing process. This obviously varies between people, but it might take from 5 to 20 sessions for this shift to occur.

Cold and Warm Water Rebirthing

Rebirthing in water reminds us of our original state in our mother's womb and is a primal connection to life. Water also tends to bring up deeper and earlier memories and feelings. Wet Rebirthings can be done face up or face down (with a snorkel and nose clips). When done face up, allow the water to cover as much of the face as possible. The head can be tilted back, exposing only the nose.

Much like the womb, warm water feels safe and encompassing. This sense of safety sometimes allows more strongly suppressed emotions to surface in the session. Birth memories are more likely in this type of session, but this is impossible to predict. It is probably easier to start with warm water sessions, as this is similar to the environment in the womb before birth.

Cold water sessions only require the water to be below body temperature, even if only 1° or 2° less than 98.6°. Ultimately, it is healing to breathe in water at 70° or 80°, and it is effective to gradually work down to that temperature.

The cold water recreates the experience of coming out of our mother's womb into the cold birthing room. Cold water Rebirthings integrate much of this trauma, and greatly increase feelings of safety. They will also release sensitivity to winter conditions, as well as strengthen and enhance our immune system.

The cold water often decreases the length of time needed to reach completion. Most people's reaction to being in cold water is to breathe more deeply, and sometimes more quickly. Faster breathing does not necessarily enhance the Rebirthing. Quicker integration usually comes from relaxing into the cold, which might produce shivers, rather than trying to outrun it.

Shivering appears to be a form of hysteria and survival response related to birth trauma, because a healthy body always has the internal fuel to be warm. Another way to deal with cold is to simply not be affected by it, such as the Hindu masters who live in caves in the Himalayan mountains of India. This is not so much toughing it out as it is a mastery of the body. The Russians, who have done much work with underwater births, are creating a generation of children who swim in their icy winter waters with no apparent discomfort or ill effects.

EyeGaze Rebirthing

A powerful variation of the Rebirthing experience is gazing into the eyes of another. Sit or stand comfortably within three feet of each other, and breathe until all the discomfort disappears. The effects are enhanced if both people are breathing. This technique is an excellent way to release embarrassment. If we allow it, we experience love for our partner and increase our sense of safety while being open to others. It is seeing ourselves in love through the eyes of another.

Mirror Rebirthing

Rebirthing in front of a full-length mirror, affirming our love and support for our body allows us to achieve acceptance of our body and body image. Part of being likeable and loveable is having positive feelings about ourselves, including our bodies. Carrying distaste for our physical form is no different than not liking some of our personality traits. It also shuts others out in exactly the same ways.

Making peace with the bodies we have created is the first step in changing any parts of it we don't like. For example, it is not possible to lose weight until we accept how we are. Similarly, other physical limitations typically seem exaggerated when we dwell on them.

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