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Aquarius: January 20 - February 19

Qualities: Masculine sign, Air element, Fixed mode

Characteristics: This is the sign of the genius. These can be some of the most inventive and creative people of the zodiac. They are usually a step ahead of the rest of humanity- seeing solutions to all manner of problems. This sign is the male equivalent to feminine intuition- answers come to them with no apparent effort. They also have a real talent with complicated machinery, being able to easily understand and use or repair it.

Conscious: Extremely intelligent, quick to learn and apply their acquired knowledge to solutions, these people are pioneers in the area of new possibilities for humanity. They love group interaction and are great comrades.

Unconscious: Being very intellectual, this also means they are often out of touch with their feelings. Part of this distancing from feelings comes from thinking there is a loss of freedom if they acknowledge feelings. There is no arguing or reasoning with the feeling level inside; it just is. On an intellectual level, this can be very inconvenient, because intellect is not hampered by truth. It's possible to make up anything at all and have that be real, at least until feelings are consciously identified and acknowledged.

Early Life: Family life for an Aquarian can be a scary experience because there is such a split between what they feel around their family versus what the parents say about it. Ultimately the easiest action for them is to deny the tornado of feelings and start living in their head. Father is the kind of person who cannot make commitments because he does not know what means the most to him. That changes from day to day, depending on what catches his fancy. The child learns not to count on intimacy and avoids letting himself get too close to anyone because the love is given and withdrawn so many times. Finally the child learns to not be open because it's too painful.

Relationships: These people are true friends. They are intellectually stimulating and love to share their experiences with others. They enjoy seeing that their ideas might have possibilities for other people.

On an emotional level, involvement with an Aquarian is often a great friendship and not much more. For them, the memories of being abandoned so many times teach them not to be open so they don't have to deal with the pain. Since the emotional closeness is not there, they expect a lot of freedom to move in and out of the relationship. They may get very upset when forced to deal with the pain others feel at being abandoned by them.

Challenges: Because these people are so intellectual and creative, they often miss the responses others have to them. Learning to feel what is happening inside other people gives them the ability to actually apply their wonderful ideas in real life situations. Until they learn about feelings, the connection with others cannot happen and they will experience continued frustration at trying to convey their ideas to others.

Issues: Acknowledging emotions and feelings as important aspects of life, being willing to share emotions and feelings, learning to work on the practical, mundane level.

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