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Aries: March 21 - April 20

Qualities: Masculine Sign, Fire Element, Cardinal Mode

Characteristics: Aries people are the pioneers of the zodiac. They are true self-starters. Being perhaps the most impulsive sign, they will create activity around them rather than get bored. They are fearless and will dive into almost any challenge. The best way to get a response from them is to tell them they can't do something. They are not egotistical in the sense of being stuck on themselves; they are genuinely not aware of other people at times. Aries people are often confrontive (the best defense is a good offense) rather than cooperative. Part of their life lesson is learning they don't always have to do it alone.

Conscious: These are the true pioneers, going where no man or woman has dared. This is important because someone has to do it. Bravery, courage, strength, and impulsiveness- all these describe the Aries.

Unconscious: Sometimes these people create activity just to have something happening, whether or not it really serves any useful purpose. Also, the line between bravery and foolish courage can get quite blurry sometimes. Aries types are great initiators, but they get bored so easily they often have little staying power.

Early Life: Having a masculine sign, these people are father-oriented. Generally, father is the kind of person who is an explosive personality: unpredictable and very powerful. However, because Aries doesn't necessarily have the staying power, if their initial bluff does not work, they are often at a loss as to how to win a confrontation. The child experiences needing to develop independence and strength, because father cannot be counted on to be present. He is usually so wrapped up in his own concerns that the child is either overwhelmed or ignored.

Relationships: Aries people need stimulation to keep from getting bored and they need a lot of space to move. They resent being crowded or clung to and will often blow up relationships that are otherwise healthy if they feel too crowded. Leave them alone and they will return on their own schedule.

For them, a good fight is like a thunderstorm that clears the air. These people do not hold grudges after they express their tension. They are frequently surprised that others in the room are still reacting to their anger or tension, but for the Aries, it is truly out of their system.

Challenges: Finding suitable projects to keep them occupied is very important. These are not detail-oriented people; they work on a dramatic, grand scale. Patience is one of their hardest lessons&150; learning that peace is not boredom.

Issues: Patience, compassion, commitment, willingness to handle details.

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