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Astrological Chart Interpretation

Voices From The Deep

The astrology chart is an overview of our tendencies and patterns of behavior. It maps out the different voices inside, parts of self that often conflict. The chart provides clues about the non-destructive expression of those various inner drives.

     It is not 'predestination' as such, because it only suggests the kind of decisions one might make. Nevertheless, it can quite useful in determining strengths and talents, career direction, relationship preferences and challenges, and most anything else about human behavior.

Love In The Stars?

    One popular use is comparing the charts of two people in relationship. It is possible here, too, to determine the compatability, strengths, and challenges.

    Readings by phones are recorded to disc and output to mp3 (a link is given for downloading it) or recorded to CD.

     Get in touch to see if this would be useful for you. Sessions can be prepaid here.

     Ken has been a professional astrologer since 1986.