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Ken has been helping people achieve outstanding personal healing goals in all areas of life, working as an astrologer and spiritual life and breathwork coach, since 1986, and he:

He has worked with Masters in the field of breathwork, including Jim Leonard, Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr (Founder of the Conscious Connected Breathing Movement a.k.a. Rebirthing), and Bob and Mallie Mandel.

He also studied with Buz Meyer, Philip Sedgwick, Robert Hand, Bill Tierney and other luminaries in the astrological community. He has over 30 years experience as an emotional healing facilitator and spiritual life coach, combining powerful conscious breathing techniques to support people in unraveling long-standing challenges in all areas of life. He is known for his laser-like efficiency in identifying conscious and unconscious core issues in people’s lives.

He was married to Renée for 28 years.