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Conscious Connected
Breathing (Rebirthing)
for Life, Health, and Abundance
Permanent Stress and Tension Reduction

Breathe out stress and tension permanently, as well as the underlying beliefs that create and contribute to these energy drains. It really can be that simple.

     Conscious connected breathing (aka rebirthing) is like yoga or meditation in overdrive. It is most useful when practiced on a regular basis. Since conscious breathing can be learned by anyone who can breathe on their own, it is not always necessary to have a rebirther, after the technique has been learned (ten to twenty sessions).

Sessions with Ken

Individual sessions are normally an hour to 90 minutes and are conducted in comfortable private settings. Approximately half the time is devoted to identifying, assessing, and discussing possible resolution of the issues that are important to you (spiritual life coaching). The rest of the time is for breathing.

     We do not "heal", perform psychotherapy, counsel, figure things out for you, or tell you what to do. We do teach skills that help you face and resolve challenges, realize your life goals, and reclaim the joy in your life.

     The recommended frequency of sessions is anywhere from once a week to once a month. This is perhaps the most important investment of time and money you can make, as the attitudes we carry are a fundamental level of self that affects everything else in our lives. Those core beliefs form the basis for all our experiences.


Much more on this effective tool in chapters from A Path to Freedom online.

Get in touch for more details about individual coaching and rebirthing sessions.