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Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Qualities: Feminine sign, Earth element, Cardinal mode

Characteristics: Practical, grounded, and focused are words to describe Capricorn. These people are the managers of the world. They have the ability to take resources from many different places and create something useful from their talent for organization and structure. Responsibility is a motivating principle in their lives.

Conscious: These people are efficient, conscientious, and dedicated to their purposes. Once they make a commitment, they do everything in their power to fulfill it.

Unconscious: Sometimes the need to manage other people hinders their ability to make their own decisions. The fear that they are not doing enough is so strong, that they find they have a hard time being off-duty. This fear also prevents them from accepting acknowledgment from others, something very important for their self-esteem. Often, the guilt from feeling they haven't yet done enough is so strong that they lose sight of what has been accomplished.

Early Life: For most Capricorns, early life was an experience of constant struggle. Mother felt she could do nothing good enough, yet if she kept struggling, maybe it would finally work out. Capricorns are suspicious of things that work easily, thinking they must not be worth much. They may also believe they don't deserve it being this easy. Another aspect of this belief is that there ought to be some way to complicate the process to give the sense of having struggled enough for the outcome.

Because mother (and sometimes father) was never satisfied, mother always felt she didn't deserve to be loved without doing something. She always had more to do to deserve that love, and couldn't relax enough to let it in. The child learns also to keep love out because he doesn't deserve it yet.

Relationships: These people are extremely dedicated in relationships. They are true to their own and will do a lot for the sake of the relationship, even if they have to sacrifice their own needs to achieve something they feel is important. They may appear to be the rock of Gibraltar, yet this often hides an extreme sensitivity to criticism.

For others, involvement with a Capricorn can be an experience in frustration if this person doesn't learn to acknowledge the value of his efforts. These people are the over-achievers of the zodiac, not necessarily in success, but in total effort exerted. Success is something they may never allow: how much energy was used in the attempt is often more important.

Challenges: Learning to leave well enough alone is one of the hardest things to do. These people almost always end up doing too much, upsetting others around them in the process. Their organizational abilities are second to none. Once they allow themselves to be helped by others, there is nothing they can't accomplish. Seeking approval is also a sign of an insecure Capricorn, and learning to create their own inner moral code is an important step to emotional balance.

Issues: Giving up guilt as a prime motivation, allowing others to control their own lives unless assistance is requested, giving up struggle, learning to laugh at self and life.

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