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Spiritual Life Coaching:
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Spiritual life coaching is a way to reclaim our birthright of innate happiness and success, and the emphasis is on helping you realize your goals, whatever they are. It is a combination of techniques that establish or strengthen the experience of love and faith in self and the connection to others.

Ready to knock the nonsense out of your life?

Typically, issues in life are a result of recycled beliefs from earlier times in life that are no longer useful. Regardless, the loyalty to those family (of origin) patterns of thought, word, and action is deeply ingrained. We owe our lives to those who raised us, and this prompts an unreasonable attachment to what are often destructive beliefs.

     Coaching is a process that involves investigating outmoded beliefs, including the degree of attachment and difficulty, and developing strategies to replace inappropriate expectations with healthier beliefs and expectations.

     Sessions involve discussion of current challenges; possible sources of those challenges, based on one's history; and possibilities for change and integration of healthier patterns of living.

     Coaching is a wonderful way to experience safety, security, and success. Change can be graceful!

What Is Spiritual Life Coaching?

     Spiritual life coaching is different in that it is based on a clear connection to one's higher power- whatever one's definition of that connection. It is not based on a particular religion- it is based on spiritual laws and principles established by and across most clear religious teachings.


Ken offers coaching in individual and group settings. Go here, call (301) 576-6223, or email to arrange your session.