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Gemini: May 21 - June 21

Qualities: Masculine Sign, Air Element, Mutable mode

Characteristics: Gemini is one of the three signs most associated with the intellect. Ideas are very important for these people. They love social interaction where they can find out the latest news and gossip. Quick on their mental feet, they also love a certain amount of controversy and will sometimes create it, especially if conversation appears lacking. Perennial students, they are constantly learning more about life.

Conscious: Extremely smart, these people are excellent communicators. They do well in all areas dealing with the written and spoken word. They function as a link between information centers, serving to tie together widely diverse people and situations to create new levels of knowledge.

Unconscious: Being so mental, Gemini sometimes misses the unspoken word- the emotional level of communication. This means they are sometimes out of touch with the truth of their feelings.

Early Life: Having a masculine sign, they are father-oriented. Father is intelligent and quick to learn. However, he sometimes unconsciously lies because he may not know the truth of his feelings. A child growing up around this is often confused, because by outer appearances, father is seen as someone quick enough on his feet to stay on top of the life's challenges. However, because of the difficulty in dealing with emotions, situations happen where father is at a loss as to what to do because he doesn't know the truth of his feelings.

Another challenge is that Gemini is one of three signs most representative of multiple personalities. The child is required to be mentally fast, because he never knows with which aspect of his parents he may be dealing. The child carries this quickness into adult life, as well as the ability to be different people at different times and in different situations. This can be a distraction to avoid dealing with feelings.

Relationship: Involvement with a Gemini is usually very exciting because there are always new worlds to explore. Sometimes sex for them is a good stimulating conversation. There is also a certain amount of patience involved in keeping track of who a Gemini might be today, because it's different from yesterday. At least it's not boring.

Challenges: Learning about feelings in depth is a main challenge- using their intelligence to discern the subtle shades of emotions adds a richness to their personality that helps them communicate the whole story.

Issues: Emotions, commitment, making choices, consistency, dedication.

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