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Leo: July 23 - August 23

Qualities: Masculine sign, Fire element, Fixed mode

Characteristics: The lion represents the sign Leo, and this is a very apt description of the energy. Magnanimous, giving, and caring, they are very conscious of others around them, and of making sure others are comfortable. Working in broad strokes, these people make a dramatic statement to the world about their presence.

Conscious: Great leaders, these people are truly concerned about the welfare of the masses. They are willing to make decisions that affect many people and receive the rewards for taking those risks.

Unconscious: Part of the Leo concern for acknowledgment is the need to feel the strength of their own identities. It sometimes takes constant positive reinforcement to assure these people of their value. The value of this gesture is often more important than what is actually offered. They may believe flattery is real.

Early Life: As father-oriented people, father is such an imposing presence in early life that sometimes the child has a hard time being able to define himself. Leos are extremely giving and sharing, and often the underlying motive is to make sure that others acknowledge the Leo&146;s existence. Often the seeming egotism of these people is just a statement of enjoying themselves. Conversely, they are often amazed when others don't share in this delight.

Father is usually very idealistic, to the point of sometimes ignoring reality, and is often very surprised when others do not hold to these high ideals.

In spite of the appearance of strength, these people are very sensitive to any kind of criticism, because there is such insecurity about identity.

Relationships: A Leo often requires a constant stream of affirmations to make sure they get the sense of being in charge of their own space- something that usually doesn't happen in early life. If one is willing to do this, these people are extremely generous and giving in return.

Challenges: Part of the Leo life lesson is establishing a strong sense of identity. These people exercise their public presence because they are not quite sure of that strength. Once identity is established, however, these people can truly make a positive difference for every person's life they touch.

Issues: Sharing the limelight, willingness to change, refraining from controlling other people's behavior.

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