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Libra: September 23 - October 23

Qualities: Masculine sign, Air element, Cardinal mode

Characteristics: Libras are the socially appropriate people of the zodiac. They love the company of people, and they are graceful in social situations. Having an air sign, they are usually intelligent and quick learners. They also love the finer things in life. They have a highly developed artistic sense, and they draw around them people who have money, whether they are also similarly blessed or not.

Conscious: Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. They are great at handling people in public settings, and help everyone feel at ease in less than comfortable situations. They are great partners.

Unconscious: The reliance on intellect means that Libras can be out of touch with their feelings. This creates difficulty in making decisions because they don't know how they feel about things. Similar to Gemini, their personalities may change around different people, depending on present company.

Early Life: The confusion that comes in growing up with their father's indecision pushes them into social situations constantly. This is so they can see what works best in interacting with others. The trouble is that these people are so intellectual they often miss the fact that many behaviors are emotionally motivated. Father is the kind of person who is out of touch with his own emotions. Early life at home is a confusing experience of feeling a lot of emotions between family members who won't decide or admit to anger or fear. This creates a split inside the child about what the truth really is between people.

When Libras are unsure of their identity, they often define themselves by watching how others behave in certain situations. Until these people begin to explore their emotions, they will never feel entirely comfortable around others. There will be at least two different likely responses to any situation that requires assertion of self. This explains the difficulty these people have in making decisions. Being out of touch with their feelings cuts them off from knowing what is true. That knowing is not an intellectual process. It is an immediate gut feeling of the right answer.

Relationships: Interpersonal involvement is tremendously important for these people. Often they need someone to agree with them in making decisions, yet they want to be in charge once they make the choice.

Libras are great companions, communicators, and thinkers. The difficulty for their partners comes for people who need a strong emotional tie in the relationship, as Libras are not always comfortable with deep feelings.

Challenges: As with all air sign people, learning to hear the inner emotional answers eliminates the indecision and gives them the appropriate answer to what can look like an overwhelming variety of possibilities. Once they start feeling, they are clear and concise in communication.

Issues: Commitment, taking sole responsibility for self without involving others in the decision-making process, acknowledging feelings and emotions as an important part of life.

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