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Pisces: February 19 - March 21

Qualities: Feminine sign, Water element, Mutable mode

Characteristics: Pisces is the most intuitive and least earth-bound sign in the zodiac. These people often are healers, musicians, artists, and writers. Anything that requires a higher aesthetic sense is something for which they are well-suited.

Conscious: Being so sensitive, Pisces people are able to intuit answers to questions with no logical thought processes. They have the ability to most directly tap into the collective unconscious and get answers with no limitation of time or space. They are also gentle, loving types that enjoy peace and harmony in their lives.

Unconscious: One of the axioms of intuition is that the more sensitive to others one is, the more unconscious one is about self. These people have the most trouble drawing clear personal boundaries, because they often can't tell where their own limits end and other peoples' begin. They need frequent time alone to re-establish personal boundaries so that they are not taking on other peoples' thoughts and feelings about life.

Early Life: For these people, family life was a constant experience of losing themselves in the feelings of the people around them. Much of the time, they could not draw clear boundaries between themselves and the rest of the world. The experience of mother is a subtle mixture of a very nurturing parent who is also so emotionally invasive that the child has trouble developing an identity separate from her, or anyone else. The child has a difficult time leaving home because he is not aware of how fused inside he is to the strongest people around him. He or she grows up thinking that security is being able to live from inside other people, and consequently, often acts like the last strong person in his presence.

Relationships: These are the gentle people of the zodiac. They are so open and giving it feels like being merged as one. Pisces is the experience of the highest spiritual kind of love.

The other side of this is feeling like living with a shadow, because Pisces is sometimes so nebulous.

Challenges: Learning to identify the truth of self is very important for these people. Particularly in dealing with the pain of others, it is also important to not take this on and lose self in the process. Once these people stop viewing themselves as constantly being swayed by stronger forces in the universe, they begin to see the tremendous love and healing energies they have inside.

Issues: Learning detachment; learning assertiveness; defining personal boundaries; giving up rescue operations, especially if it was not requested.

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