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How To Heal Relationships

Looking for the love of your life, or seeking to repair a love you already have...

Love isn't all you need- you also need some direction: how to prepare yourself, how to attract the kind of person you desire, and how to sustain the relationship for as long as you want.

Connect in love, communicate in depth, cooperate in building a partnership, and revel in the joy of this most precious accomplishment.

• Prepare yourself: identify and clear old blocks that hold back love.
• Attract the kind of person you desire: envision exactly the kind of experience you desire.
• Sustain the love: learn new habits that support your new life for as long as you want.

Everything we know about life was taught. If love has been elusive, it's a function of either lack of information or challenges to self-confidence, or both. Both can be remedied.

You are not broken. You are just confused.

Relationship First Aid with Ken

Ken offers support for relationship challenges, single or partnered, in person, online, or by phone, based on his 30 years of professional experience. He was also married to the love of his life for 28 years.

More Ideas?

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Get in touch for more details about how to improve the quality of all your relationships.