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Sagittarius: November 22 - December 22

Qualities: Masculine sign, Fire element, Mutable mode

Characteristics: Sagittarians are usually well-liked people. They look for the big picture and are not concerned as much with details. They are very intelligent, well-read and/or well-traveled. Their broad perspective gives them a more relaxed approach to life.

Conscious: They are fair and honest, have a great sense of humor, are intelligent, and can be excellent at arbitrating all kinds of conflict, because of their overall perspective. Sagittarians usually have a strongly developed life philosophy that gives them patience with others who have not done the same work.

Unconscious: Their honesty sometimes comes out as a bluntness that is hard for others to hear. Commitment is something that looks like loss of freedom, which is something they prize very highly. They can sometimes be undependable because of this, making promises that are often impossible to keep.

Early Life: Father was looking for meaning to his behavior. He was a man who knew the right words and knew the principles of how life worked, yet he may not have actually lived that way. He was looking for some reason to stay home and be committed. He usually didn't find it and may have spent much time away from home looking for the meaning of life that he couldn't find at home. The children learn this, too, since they also feel the emotional detachment of their parents.

Relationships: This is part of the difficulty Sagittarians have in making emotional commitments- feeling the early experience of not finding what they wanted at home, and fearing they will create the same sense of emptiness as soon as they enter a long-term relationship. Not being emotionally available to the ones that they say they love just perpetuates this experience of having to go somewhere else looking for what they think they can't find at home.

Being in relationship with a Sagittarius demands a willingness to give a lot of freedom to move and explore, so that ideally they come to realize the grass is greenest where they stay long enough to water it with their own emotional involvement.

Challenges: Learning to live out their philosophy is one of the biggest challenges for Sagittarians. The information they collect in all their travels has little meaning until they put it into their daily life and sees how these ideas actually work.

Issues: Willingness to make commitments, patience, learning not to overwhelm others with too much truth, learning not to promise the impossible.

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