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Scorpio: October 23 - November 22

Qualities: Feminine sign, Water element, Fixed mode

Characteristics: Scorpio is one of the most intense signs. They are very emotional and extremely intelligent. They are aware of other people's feelings and curious about their motivations. The sexual aspect of these people's behavior is a common perception, but the larger picture is the need for deep emotional experiences.

Conscious: They are strong, determined, patient, intuitive, and have a deep understanding of other people, because they see so deeply inside themselves. They have powerful investigative skills and make great lawyers, detectives, and researchers. Scorpio also represents transformation.

Unconscious: Because they are so intense, they can be very jealous, vindictive, angry, controlling, and secretive. Often when frustrated, they will try to force an outcome to a situation by adding more intensity or pressure.

Early Life: Early life for the Scorpio is always an experience of losing people. Often there is a close family member who dies around conception, and this becomes a part of the womb experience, feeling the loss of someone important in the immediate family. They can also experience the same feelings through divorce in the family, siblings who leave home for college, etc. Being born into the energy of fearing loss, they frequently confuse attachment with love.

The need to control is the terror of losing someone or something important for their emotional security. Usually early life is the same experience from his parents. The parents are so afraid of losing the child, that all his actions are controlled and watched carefully. He learns that the only way to get any privacy is to hide his thoughts and feelings from others. If he can't hide occasionally, then he isn't allowed to be the way he is, and he loses his independence. The need for secrecy is an attempt to define personal boundaries without interference from others.

Relationships: Because there is such strong fear of abandonment for these people, they tend to create situations where the feelings are always so strong there is no mistaking the existence of the emotional connection.

Often this need for intensity blinds a Scorpio to the quality of experiences they create. In other words, they sometimes cannot discriminate between healthy and unhealthy choices. Because negative situations also create an adrenaline rush and strong feelings, they will create these events just to feel that there is some connection to other people.

However, in relationships, this tendency works against the Scorpio, because others feel like they are being controlled- either overwhelmed, or shut out, or both. The old fear of loss may make it seem too dangerous to risk intimacy. Trust is the prime issue: being able to trust self and others not to invade or abandon

Challenges: Learning patience is one. Also, discerning the difference between love and attachment is important, which cannot co-exist in a healthy relationship. Once the trust is in place, these are some of the most loyal partners of any sign. In spite of the reputation, Scorpios prefer monogamy to having to deal with jealousy and anger.

Issues: Detachment, cooperation, giving up control of other people, patience, willingness to change, honesty and willingness to be forthright.

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