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Taurus: April 20 - May 21

Qualities: Feminine sign, Earth element, Fixed mode

Characteristics: Taurus people typically are true friends, once they have made that commitment. They can be counted on to be the way they have always been- steady, strong, patient, slow to anger, grounded, and usually very practical.

Conscious: These people help ground everyone. They are the accumulators of the zodiac, helping to bring together the resources needed to accomplish a project. They are also excellent with growing things- they have a very fertile energy.

Unconscious: The symbol of the bull is an appropriate sign for Taurus. These are people who would generally like to be left alone. Inertia is a good keyword. They are not self-starters, needing to be prodded to change direction. Taurus gets attached to people and things in their lives, frequently coming to regard people as possessions that somehow offer a measure of security by their presence. It does not matter what the real-world value of something is- if a Taurus is attached to it, it is extremely important to keep. Frequently these people are quite attached to possessions. They often enjoy the finer physical pleasures- good food, pleasant surroundings, and nice clothes. They are also the most sensual and sexual of the twelve signs (in spite of the reputation attributed to Scorpio).

Early Life: Having a feminine sign, these are people who are mother-oriented. They are loyal to the death. However, they demand to be accepted exactly as they are, as they have difficulty in consciously initiating change. More often, things happen that force them to let go of people and possessions.

Mother, too, is a very loyal person who has a hard time letting the child grow up and leave the nest. What the child learns is that survival means being able to be just as stubborn and resistant to change or be run over by the power of his parents. His security is being able to hold on tightly to those things and people that matter. Taurus people are more practical than intellectual, so ideas are less important than being able to see, feel, and touch.

Relationships: Involvement with one of these people can be extremely satisfying if you are looking for a strong commitment. They are uncomfortable with people who need a lot of space.

Challenges: A hard lesson for Taurus to learn is flexibility. However, once they see the value of it, they exhibit a strength of will and character that can be the bedrock and reference point for focusing a wide range of energies into some positive, tangible creation.

Issues: Flexibility, detachment, willingness to change and share, openness to new ideas.

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