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A Path To Freedom:
Using Conscious Connected Breathing
and Astrology for Emotional Healing

by Ken and Renée Kizer

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Forward: Bridging The Gap to Personal Freedom

Introduction: Physical Immortality Now

Step 1: Being Human

Chapter 1: The Difference Between Thoughts, Feelings, and Awareness
Chapter 2: Consciousness and Unconsciousness
Chapter 3: Awareness, Acceptance, and Forgiveness
Chapter 4: Physical Immortality, Life Urge and Death Urge
Chapter 5: Suppression and Resistance: Denial of Self
Chapter 6: There Are No Victims: Your Power Is Your Birthright

Chapter 7: Patterns of Behavior
Chapter 8: Change, Growth, and Safety
Chapter 9: Affirmations

Chapter 10: Negative Emotions and How to Heal Them
Chapter 11: Purification Techniques
Chapter 12: Relationships, Love, and Sex
Chapter 13: Integrity
Chapter 14: Money and Spiritual Integrity

Step 2: The Role of Conscious Connected Breathing (Rebirthing)

Chapter 15: What is Rebirthing?
Chapter 16:The Five Principles of Rebirthing
Chapter 17: First Principle: Breathing
Chapter 18: Second Principle: Awareness
Chapter 19: Third Principle: Acceptance
Chapter 20: Fourth Principle: Relaxation
Chapter 21: Fifth Principle: Integration, Enlightenment, and Bliss

Chapter 22: Getting Rebirthed
Chapter 23: Rebirthing Others

Step 3: Combining Rebirthing with Astrology

Chapter 24: The Value of Astrology
Chapter 25: Astrological Symbolism
Chapter 26: Astrological Signs: The Qualities of Being


Chapter 27: Using Astrology in Rebirthing Sessions

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