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Virgo: August 23 - September 23

Qualities: Feminine sign, Earth element, Mutable mode

Characteristics: Virgo is the sign representing service. These people are the best at taking care of details. The urge for a Virgo is to make sure that there are no loose ends anywhere. They are meticulous and very detail-oriented.

Conscious: Because of the service orientation, these people frequently work in the background. They are not usually interested in the limelight, gaining their greatest satisfaction in seeing a job get finished. They are also very health-conscious.

Unconscious: Sometimes the concern for detail turns into a compulsive need to be constantly doing something. At this point, these people become very self-critical, and it can be difficult to be around them. They are sometimes hypochondriacs and tend to worry themselves into sickness. Because they sometimes feel like a victim, they may see others in pain or need as victims and be tempted to rush to the rescue.

Early Life: Mother is the kind of person who is never satisfied. Everything could always be better. This is the sign most about the nagging parent. As a child, the Virgo feels that it's never enough. There is usually no acknowledgment about what has been accomplished. It's more a focus on what hasn't been done.

The child grows up feeling guilty about almost everything in their life, because the imprint is that the nurturing parent feels that there is never quite enough. It takes a lot of conscious work for these people to finally see that, taken to extreme, it is possible to burn out and still feel inadequate. The resolution is seeing that what gets done or not done isn't the issue. It's learning to accept what is there and have it be enough.

Relationships: With a Virgo, it's sometimes important to draw clear personal boundaries to stop this person from trying to arrange one's life. As the forgiveness happens in them, and they relax, the urge to serve, when it is requested, becomes a help to all.

Challenges: The need to be of service is such a strong drive in these people that it's sometimes hard for them to relax when things are not all done, even if it really isn't their business to handle it. This often translates into guilt as a prime motivation. They do have the ability to help others- but not all others.

Issues: Releasing guilt as a motivation for action, learning to see the larger perspective, taking responsibility only for oneself, integrating innocence.

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